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Why Inspection Is Important for your House

When purchasing a home and writing an offer, it’s important for a Buyer’s Agent to include subjects in order to protect the buyer. There is a subject removal period where the buyer works to satisfy the subject conditions that are listed on the accepted offer for a particular property.

Subject removal works as a great safety net for buyers as it allows the buyers to perform the due diligence related to the subjects that are accepted, such as reviewing strata documents or the title search for the property and doing the inspection.

Inspections can cost, depending on the size of the home, from $300-$600 + GST. This is a good investment because when hiring a trained professional home inspector, it will help you find out if there are any deficiencies, areas, parts, systems or components of your home that are not performing as well as they should before you officially buy a home. This is really for your safety.

A home inspection is meant to help you uncover potential problems your home might have before you have officially bought your home, e.g. help you avoid buying a home that is unsafe for you to live in because there is black mould, structural issues, faulty, outdated electrical wiring, etc.

Please remember that a home inspection is not meant to address every single problem in a home. But when you learn about deficiencies in your home you will need to pick and choose which are the most important to negotiate over with the seller(s). A fantastic home inspector, who is meticulous and takes their time to do a thorough inspection and crafts a comprehensive report could potentially save you thousands of dollars and a ton of headaches down the road.

Hiring a professional home inspector who you trust is a small investment in the grand scheme of buying a home. Spending a little now can help you protect yourself and chances are that you will be happy you hired a professional to do a home inspection. I have trusted professional home inspector contacts who can help you through your buying process. Again, I will walk you through each step in the home buying process.

We will take it one step at a time. If you are interested in starting your home buying process, contact me at (778) 388-1436 or

Keep Smiling!

-Heather Chua

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