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July 2021 Newsletter

Some people are worth melting for

Oh my, it's been scorching hot! I hope you were able to stay hydrated and found ways to stay cool. I've been eating tons of ice cream!

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Market Trend - June 2021 Highlights

The heatwave we just experienced is a great comparison we can relate to of the housing market was these past few months.

The crazy heatwave in BC, with record-setting temperatures, made air conditioning extremely valuable. People who didn’t have A/C panicked and tried to get their hands on a unit. But guess what happened. The price of A/C units sky-rocketed and stores was out of stock. Now, the heatwave is somewhat behind us, however, people are still buying A/C units like crazy. The wild, short-term demand has subsided, but the value is still there, as is the shortage of supply.

Mirroring the weather, BC's hot housing market cooled slightly in June going from a boil to a simmer. Fewer homes are being sold in the Greater Vancouver area compared to earlier this year, but prices still haven’t come down as a result. The question that a lot of people ask is, "it does fall, how far and how fast will it fall?" Others suggest the market in the Greater Vancouver area is only going up as it has done so for so long.

The MLS® HPI, which is a measure of real estate prices that provides a clearer picture of market trends over traditional tools such as mean or median average prices.The trend of prices has consistently been increasing.

“We’re now seeing a market that’s beginning to normalize from the torrid pace in the spring. This is making multiple offers less common, allowing subjects to be seen on offers more frequently again, and is making new price records less likely.”

For now, the rates are still affordable and the market is stable. This summer will give us a good insight into the trend. If you are thinking of buying or selling it's a good time to have a chat, let me know if you have any questions.

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Duke's scoops cones & cups of ice cream, sherbet, and vegan sorbet, as well as take-home pints of dairy ice cream. I have to say it's my personal favourite ICE CREAM place!! Thankfully, it's just a few minutes away from my home! Follow them on Instagram: @DukesFineIceCream! to stay to date with all of their new flavours!

Pay It Forward

Show Biz

Michael Jordan does a good job as an actor (of course, he played himself). Bill Murray is hilarious, and, of course, the Toons are great! 🐰

If you haven't seen it yet, Space Jam has a good story, excellent cartoon graphics, and funny jokes! One of the main takeaways, we should not let negative influences control our lives. As we grow up, we learn that not everyone deserves a place in our lives, and it’s important to make the decision to cut those who hold you back. It's important to set up boundaries.

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What My Fans Say

Heather's finance background also proved to be a GREAT ASSET as she provided listing price comparisons which supplemented my decisions and made sure I was making offers that FIT MY BUDGET The next time I would buy/sell in the real estate market, I wouldn't hesitate to contact Heather to WORK WITH HER AGAIN. ~ Victor C.

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2021 July Newsletter
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Keep Smiling, 😊

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