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November 2020 Newsletter

Hello November! The month of crimson sunsets, cold rains and crisp days. The trees are about to show us how lovely it can be TO LET THINGS GO. Take some time this month to think of one thing that has been consuming you or making you feel down. Allow yourself to feel the gravity, but then let it go. We are in the last month of Autumn and heading into Winter. We are getting close to Christmas, my personal favourite time of the year and approaching a new year! Let's make these last couple of months great!

Market Trend - October 2020 Highlights

Where do you spend most of your time especially during the pandemic? At HOME! 😊 Many people have been re-thinking their housing situation and been purchasing a new home. As Colette Gerber, REBGV Chair said that

"Throughout this period, REALTORS® have been working to understand and adapt to the latest safety protocols so that they can continue to help the public meet their housing needs in a safe and responsible way."

There has been rising demands especially to the homes that are priced right for today's market, where there have been multiple offers. Contact me if you want a FREE market valuation of

your home. E-mail:

Everyday Heroes: Glossy Glam Vancouver

Trying out a few of their products have been amazing! Especially in the dryer season, my lips get so dry. With Cathy's suggestion and advice, it's now fixed! There are products for men. Follow Cathy and she can help you.

LipSense is 98% natural and smudge proof up to 18 hours of wear! They also carry anti-ageing makeup and skincare for women and men.

Pay It Forward


"A little SPARK of kindness can put a colossal BURST of SUNSHINE into someone's day" - Unknown

Go a little bit out of your way to help someone out. It's good practice to do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are. The next page gives you some ideas on what you could do this month.

Show Biz

Throwback Movie: E.T. (1982)

A wonderful story about a young boy and a creature from outer space that becomes his best friends. One of the most popular quotes:

"E.T. Phone Home"

Home is where you should feel comfortable and relaxed. It's not just about the house you live in, but about the people around you. too.

Contact me if you'd like to find your new home.

Contact me at (778) 388-1436.

Median Prices


The MLS® HPI is a more stable price indicator than average prices, because it tracks changes of "middle-of-the-range" or "typical" homes and excludes the extreme high-end and low-end properties.

Typical homes are defined by the various quantitative property attributes (e.g. above ground living area in square feet) and qualitative housing features (e.g. proximity to shopping, schools, transportation, hospitals etc.) toward the home price of properties sold in Greater Vancouver communities.

There was a 29% increase compared to October 2019. The Home Price

Index composite benchmark price increased from September by 1.20%. I

do a 50-data point analysis to calculate your current market value of your

home. Contact me if you want to know how much your home is worth!

"Take CHANCES. Make MISTAKES. Get MESSY" ~ Ms. Frizzle (Magic School Bus)

Other Stats

Take what you need today!

- Love

- Support

- Courage

- Balance

- Hope

- Strength

- Energy

- Rest

- Growth

- Patience

Click below to download the full NOVEMBER 2020 Newsletter!

2020 11 NOVEMBER Newsletter
Download PDF • 2.87MB

Keep Smiling, 😊

Heather Chua

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