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September 2020 Newsletter

September is usually one of the most stressful month especially with summer ending and getting back into the swing of things. Try to still find time for yourself and to unwind and stop watching the clock. Sometimes we can be taken by surprise at how quickly time passes and can feel panicked with how little time we have left for ourselves. Take moments to sit and contemplate or simply have an extra-long sleep in. Don't feel guilty. It's important to take some time for yourself!

Market Trend - August 2020 Highlights

The housing market has been busy due to the high demand with low supply. In addition, having low interest rates have created competition in today's housing market. The REBGV's Chair Collette Gerber explained that "people who put their home buying and selling plans on hold in the spring have been returning to the market throughout the summer, like everything else in our lives these days, the uncertainty of COVID-19 makes it challenging to predict what will happen this fall."

If you need help navigating today's market and ensure that you are following the latest public health requirements, feel free to reach out to me. Safety has to remain our highest priority during this pandemic.

Everyday Heroes: RestartNow Consulting

Want to get out of debt? RestartNow Consulting has been helping their clients with credit planning, wealth protection, build assets and improve cash flow!

Pay It Forward

Self-Care Kit

We are changing it up this month and creating our own little happy self-care kit. Use the next page for yourself and I also challenge you to do one thing for yourself each week. Here are some ideas:

  • make a fancy drink for yourself

  • lay in bed all morning

  • get dressed up for no reason

  • dance to your favourite music

Show Biz

Throwback Movie: Matrix (1999)

Such a crazy trilogy with an interesting story and great action sequences. I like what Morpheus said to Neo,

"I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it."

If you want to take your next step in buying or selling

real estate, contact me at

or (778) 388-1436.

Median Prices


The MLS® HPI is a more stable price indicator than average prices, because it tracks changes of "middle-of-the-range" or "typical" homes and excludes the extreme high-end and low-end properties.

Typical homes are defined by the various quantitative property attributes (e.g. above ground living area in square feet) and qualitative housing features (e.g. proximity to shopping, schools, transportation, hospitals etc.) toward the home price of properties sold in Greater Vancouver communities.

In August, it was 19.9% above the 10-year August sales average. Home buyers and sellers have been active and now been outpacing the region's historical averages. Contact me if you want to know how much your home is worth!

"Taking care of myself doesn't mean"me first" It means "me too" ~ L.R. Knosts

Other Stats

Don't forget to take care of yourself:

- Drink some water

- Get enough sleep

- Take a few deep breaths

- Eat something lovely

- Say "I'm doing Great!"

Click below to download the full SEPTEMBER 2020 Newsletter!

2020 09 - SEPTEMBER Newsletter
Download PDF • 651KB

Keep Smiling, 😊

Heather Chua

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