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May 2021 Newsletter

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

You are AMAZING and you are here for a PURPOSE

You can now sing to yourself Bruno Mars' song: "Just the Way You Are" I'm happy you are here!

We are heading into the summer months, which means it's time to go out in nature. Appreciate everything you see, feel, and hear around you. This will help you to relax and be present in the moment.

Market Trend - April 2021 Highlights

House prices across Canada have accelerated in the past few months, which has pushed potential first-time or other home buyers out of the housing market. Yet, there are positive signs that the market is heading to an equilibrium.

It has been a seller's market for a while. Condo prices lagged at first, but this trend did not last long since condos are usually more affordable and a good entry into the market. A lot of first-time buyers are now scrambling to take advantage of the low rates. It is the first step on the property ladder, the lower rates have allowed them to get into a market, but with the competition, it was difficult for them to purchase. In response to the demand and rising home prices, there were a lot more properties listed on the market last month. With the government intervention looming, we are expecting things to cool the hot market down. According to the Fraser Valley Chief, Baldev Gill, “If you have an active listing now or are thinking of selling, it’s critical to work with a professional REALTOR® to ensure your asking price is realistic and competitive based on today’s market, not yesterday’s.” If you have any questions,you can call or text me at (778) 388-1436.

The MLS® HPI, which is a measure of real estate prices that provides a clearer picture of market trends over traditional tools such as mean or median average prices.The trend of prices has consistently been increasing.

...We’re seeing fewer multiple offers, fewer subject‐free offers, and homes over‐priced are starting to sit longer. These are positive signs that the market is responding to near‐record levels of new inventory.

Since there has been an increase in the supply of homes, the MLS® Home Price Index shows the prices have dropped, especially for detached homes, while the townhouse and apartments have slightly increased.

Contact me if you want to create a strategy for buying or selling a home.

EVERYDAY HEROES: Above All Love Media

Above All Love Media - Tawney Stewart is a wonderful photographer who loves shooting outdoors with mountain landscapes but also really enjoys shooting products in her local community. She shares tips and guides you through the photoshoot so you won't get lost. You’ll be sure to learn something like I did! If you are ever in need of a fun photoshoot for you and your family or pet portraits or if you are needing photos for business, reach out to Tawney through Instagram AboveAllLoveMedia and book a photoshoot there.

Pay It Forward

Show Biz

One of Yoda's popular quotes is “Do or do not… there is no try.” When you tell yourself that you will try, you sometimes give up or just stop when the first obstacle shows up.

When you say that you will do something, there is more determination and power behind that statement. When inevitable obstacles show up and start to block your path, you find ways over, under, around and through the obstacles.

It can be nerve-wracking to go through a home buying process and there can be challenges, which is why I'm here to help you. We can overcome these obstacles together!

Contact me today at

What My Fans Say

Heather Chua is a FANTASTIC Real Estate Agent who helped my sister and I move smoothly. She is very ATTENTIVE and detailed. AMAZING Professional Service ~ Kyle L.

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2021 May Newsletter
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Keep Smiling, 😊

Heather Chua

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