What is your favourite colour? Mine is Yellow! Colour plays an important role in the world. Colour can sway your thinking, change actions and cause reactions. It is a powerful form of communication. Not everyone will react the same way to the same colour.

Colours are commonly divided into two categories: warm and cool colours. Warm colours include red, orange, yellow provide the illusion of heat and warmth. Cool colours include blue, purple and green provide a sense of calm and relaxation.

Red attributes - love, passion, heath, joy, energy and life

Orange attributes - warmth, change, and health

Yellow attributes - happiness, cheer, warmth, optimism

Pink attributes - romance, gentleness, sweetness, playfulness

Gold attributes - riches, opulence, and tradition.

Blue attributes - calm, wisdom, importance, trust, and integrity

Green attributes - health, growth, environment, tranquility and harmony

Purple attributes - wealth, nobility, luxury, spiritualism, magic, creativity

White attributes - innocence, cleanliness, clarity, and openness

Black attributes - authority, power, elegance, and mystery

Choosing colours for your home is so important, if you need some help with that, I have my interior designer who is able to help. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. 😊️ E-mail me at heather@heatherchua.com

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