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I know it’s difficult when you are in a tough situation to find a silver lining (something positive that comes out of a sad situation). It’s important to have sad, angry, hurt feelings, but try to find the good. 😌

While letting yourself sort through your feelings and disappointments is absolutely necessary, there's still a way to find the silver lining in bad situations. It might seem impossible, but by holding on to the knowledge that there's some positivity in the situation as you sort through your disappointments, you're able to climb back onto your feet much easier. Here are some ways for you to find that silver lining.

1. See it as a chance to re-evaluate

You can ask yourself if you’re really doing what makes you happy and spending your time how you want to or with the people you are with.

2. Makes you more compassionate

Through your experiences, you can grow more compassionate to those who are also having similar experiences. You’ll be less likely to bend to knee-jerk judgements, which

3. Think of why you should be grateful

Here are some examples:

Did you break up with a significant other? You probably parted ways for a reason, so think of what that new free time and independence can bring you.

Did you lose your job? Maybe now you can use this time to chase after a career that would make you excited to go into work every morning

Did you get a really big bill in the mail? At least you know the importance of having emergency savings for moments like these.

4. Create a game plan

Whatever happened to you sucked, but now it’s time to start moving in order to turn things around. Bring the positivity back into your life.

5. Teach yourself to use different words

Don’t get stuck in your own pity parties, teach yourself to use positive language and to search for opportunities. Take on a forgiving, we-can-do-this voice instead and you’ll feel the dark cloud over your head dissipating

6. See the bad situation as a lesson.

If you are in a pickle, you can see what you can learn from it. You are now ware of certain flaws that you can work on or at least polish up. Take it as an opportunity to take notes and strengthen up.

7. You have the power to change your situation

You have the power to find the silver-lining in every situation – and that go-getter attitude will help you rise above your setbacks.

If you are stuck, feel free to message me and I’m here to listen 😊️ E-mail me at

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